It was good to read of Countryman’s appreciation of William Cowper who has also not been forgotten by others in this bicentenary year. After publishing, several essays and two rather lengthy works on Cowper in recent years, I forwarded a bicentenary appreciation this January to a Canadian publisher. It is entitled William Cowper: The Man With God’s Deep Stamp Upon Him and was scheduled to be printed by the late summer. Now I hear it will be out before Christmas. The unusual title is taken from several of the poet’s works which contain these words and show Cowper’s sufferings in the light of his deep faith. The small, inexpensive book, richly illustrated, is not so much a ‘Life’ as an attempt to trace all the influences which God exercised on Cowper to make him the great poetical preacher of God’s Word, Works and Ways.

G. M. Ella, Mülheim