Re John Paul II’s latest pronouncements. Anyone reading such sound and instructive books as Bungener’s History of the Council of Trent, Miles’ The Voice of the Glorious Reformation and Collette’s’ The Novelties of Romanism, will realise how the Vatican sect, erroneously known as the Roman Catholic Church, is a pseudo-religious movement of a relatively young age. Indeed, it is a corrupt, political institution of which communism, fascism, the Mafia and the lodges are mere pale reflections. It arose amongst the ranks of those who wished to force a world-wide, man-made, occult system onto the masses. Theirs is an absolute, tyrannical plan to enslave all men’s bodies, souls and spirits and make them willing but servile pawns in the hands of a hierarchy of self-styled Eunuchs.

     These worldly separatists bow to their doting Pontifex Maximus and proclaiming themselves the very Body of Christ, the offspring of the Queen of Heaven. As Hitler said, “If a lie is to work, it must be a big one!” Thus, in 1545, throwing the Word of God aside at their notorious Council of Trent, the papal, self-appointed elite instituted their new pseudo-religion, proscribing fifteen novel, superstitious decrees, backed up by one hundred and twenty-five curses to make them effective. These have remained the basic manifesto of the Vatican sect ever since and proclaim that the salvation of the sinner is wholly dependent on the ‘intention’ of the popish priest. Yet one can never know in this life if the priest’s intention is pure and thus valid. No less a distinguished henchman of this unworthy cause than Cardinal Bellermine tells us that the decrees of Trent were not of divine origin because the Bible proscribed them nor because tradition upheld them but simply because the Papal Council itself decreed them.

     One worthy Scotsman has inscribed on the inside cover of my copy of Bungener:

“Roman Catholicism is not suited to deliver men from their sinful condition, rather is it designed to allow men to gratify their evil propensities. This is not the religion of Jesus Christ.”

     May this truth illuminate our hearts and minds as we seek to guide people along the old paths of traditional Biblical Christianity, knowing that Christ alone is the Way, the Truth and the Light.