My Books Published Up to Date


1989, Paradise and Poetry: An In-Depth Study of William Cowper’s Poetic Mind, The Cowper and Newton Museum.

1990, The Sinner Saved: William Huntington, S.S., (with Henry Sant). Two essays reprinted by courtesy of the Bible League Quarterly, Focus Christian Ministries Trust.

1993, William Cowper: Poet of Paradise , Evangelical Press.

1994, William Huntington: Pastor of Providence , Evangelical Press.

1995, John Gill and the Cause of God and Truth, Go Publications.

1996, Law and Gospel in the Theology of Andrew Fuller, Go Publications.

1997, James Hervey: Preacher of Righteousness, Go Publications.

1998, John Gill and Justification from Eternity, Go Publications.

1998, Weighed in the Balance (The Doctrines of Grace vs. Fullerism), The Huntington Press.

1998, John Gill and Justification from Eternity, A Tercentenary Appreciation 1697-1997, Go Publications.

1999, Mountain Movers: Champions of the Faith, Go Publications.

2000, Augustus Toplady: A Debtor to Mercy Alone (with Anthology), joint publishers, Go Publications and the Gospel Magazine.

2000, William Cowper: The Man with God’s Deep Stamp upon Him: A Bicentenary Appreciation, Joshua Press. Nominated by Prof. Timothy George for the John Pollock Award.

2001, The Free Offer & The Call of the Gospel, Go Publications.

2002, Isaac McCoy: Apostle of the Western Trail, Particular Baptist Press.

2003, The Troublemakers at Frankfurt: A Vindication of the English Reformation, Go Publications.

2003, Second, revised edition of Isaac McCoy: Apostle of the Western Trail,

2003, The History of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid (Private publication by church).

2004, Common Grace and the Call of the Gospel, Go Publications.

2004, Biographical and introductory chapters to Reformation Heritage Books’ reprint of Bullinger’s ‘Decades’.

2005, More Mountain Movers: Champions of the Faith, Go Publications.

2005, The Ministry of William Huntington S.S.: An Appreciation and Vindication of  Huntington in ‘The Foundation of Life, Collected Writings of William Huntington’.

2006, An Overview of the Destructive Progress of Fullerism. Introduction to Go Publication’s reprint of William Rushton’s Particular Redemption.

2007, Henry Bullinger: Shepherd of the Churches, Go Publications.

2007, The Covenant of Grace and Christian Baptism, joint publishers, Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft, Bonn and Reformatorischer Verlag, Hamburg.

2009, Law and Gospel in the Theology of Andrew Fuller, extended second edition

2011, Justification and the Call of the Gospel, Go Publications.

2012, The Practical Divinity of Universal Learning: John Durie’s Educational Pansophism, Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft.

2013, William Cary -Theologian – Linguist – Social Reformer, editor Thomas Schirrmacher, Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft. Includes four essays by G. M. Ella.



Pre-2014, over 200 essay articles published by:

EFS Förlag, English Churchman, Evangelical Times, Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth, Banner of Truth Magazine, Baptist Quarterly, Bible League Quarterly, British Reformed Journal, Die Kirche, Focus, Gospel Magazine, The Churchman, Martin Bucer Seminar, New Focus and a number of Swedish, Canadian, American, British, German publications of which no track has been kept.



Go Publications books are best ordered directly from Go Publications, The Cairn, Hill Top, Eggleston, Co. Durham, DL12OAU, UK .

However, two British bookshops have my books in stock and would thus speed up access for local readers. These are:

Christian Bookshop, 21 Queen Street , Ossett, West Yorkshire , WF5 8AS , England , UK .

This bookshop also supplies under the management of Joe Pollard just about the speediest second-hand book service in Europe at very reasonable prices.

James A. Dickson Books, Unit 25, Eldin Industrial Estate, Edgefield, Loanhead , EH20 9QX , Scotland , UK

Dickson’s provide both new and second-hand books and are an excellent source for Reformation literature.

My books are available on the European Continent through: Den Hertog Uitgeverij & Boekhandel, Kees de Wildt / Import dept., Postbus 150, NL – 3990 DD Houten, Netherlands, Phone: 0031 30 634 6681, Fax:     0031 30 634 6688, Email: This company stocks good Christian literature in a number of languages.

All my books are available on the North American Continent courtesy of :

Mr Michael Pickett
Gospel Missions
PO Box 318
Choteau, Montana 59422
tel/fax : 001 406 466 2311 Gospel Mission

They can also be obtained from Joel Beeke of Heritage Books, 2919 Leonard St., NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, USA .

If other dealers who supply my books would care to give me their addresses and web-sites, I will be pleased to list them.

New Focus Magazine which has published my articles for several decades is now entirely online and is free of charge, though donations are very welcome to help the editor, Peter Meney, to cover costs.

Don Fortner and Peter Meney regularly supply choice articles to this magazine. Don Fortner’s web-site as also that of New Focus is also well-worth visiting.

Books written and awaiting publication:

The Atonement and the Call of the Gospel, Go Publications

Justification and the Call of the Gospel, Go Publications

Books planned and partly finished:

Law and Gospel in the Theology of John Wesley

Law and Gospel in the Theology of John Gill

History of the Reformed Church in England up to the Great Rebellion

The History of the English Bible

Great Bible Translators

Friends searching for previous essays of mine in the English language could consult the indices of Evangelical Times, Banner of Truth Magazine, Bible League Quarterly, The Baptist Quarterly, The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth, The Messenger, English Churchman, Focus and New Focus. Various American magazines have re-published articles of mine as also Church magazines in Europe and America whose names I cannot keep track of. I hope to prepare a catalogue of my magazine articles with full bibliographical details soon.