The Book of Common Prayer -its value and benefits

Lecture III: The Watershed: the Restoration of Uniformity My task and my sources      My task is to present an overview of the 17th century lead-up to the Act of Uniformity of 1662. My primary sources besides the Prayer Book are the Calendar of State Papers; the Common’s Journals: the Thurloe Papers; Gardiner’s Constitutional Documents, Cardwell’s History of Prayer Book Conferences, the Hartlib Papers; Byfield’s Assembly Minutes; Walker’s and Shaw’s records; Evelyn’s and Pepys diaries: Burnet’s, Durie’s, Laud’s, Prynne’s and Fuller’s eye-witness accounts and the Bodleian Library’s Special Collections. My secondary research includes Hooker, Strype, Benton, Huntington, Butler, Parker, Blunt, Tatham,… Full Article

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Protestant Reformation Society Conference

REFORMATION SOCIETY AUTUMN CONFERENCE THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER – its value and benefits at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford August 28th-30th 2012 Cost: £120.00 Full-time Students £60.00* *There is a special rate for men training for the ordained ministry of the Church of England Dr. D. A. Scales, General Secretary, Protestant Reformation Society, 15 Grange Court, Cambridge, CB3 9BD PROGRAMME Wycliffe Hall has an excellent position in Oxford. It is situated in the Banbury Road, which leads off St. Giles’ towards north Oxford TUESDAY Arrive TUESDAY afternoon 4.00 Tea 4.45 First Session* Why Liturgy? The Rev. Dr. R. T. Beckwith, M.A., B.D., D.D. (formerly Warden, Latimer House, Oxford; Vice-President of P.R.S.; Chairman of… Full Article

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