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John Knox: Rescuing History from Mythology

Chapter One: The myth that Knox ushered in the Scottish Reformation False claims regarding Knox as the Pioneer of Scotland’s Reformation      John Knox, alias John Sinclair, is generally seen as the main pillar of the Scottish Reformation and his works are often regarded amongst evangelicals as the purest source of its history. Thus, James Edward McGoldrick, starts his Preface to his Luther’s Scottish Connections, with the words:      ‘There is no doubt whatever that the Protestant Reformation in Scotland received its principle direction from the indomitable John Knox, a rigorous and courageous adherent to the Reformed version of evangelical teaching as espoused in Geneva by John Calvin and his disciples.’     … Full Article

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John Durie’s Practical Divinity

A Brief Introduction to Durie’s Life      Born 1596 in Scotland, John Durie was a descendent of noblemen, diplomats, ministers and rebels. When John was a child, James VI forced the family into exile. After extensive school and university studies in France and Holland, John tutored the son of a Huguenot merchant in France. A multi-linguist, he passed as a native citizen of Britain, France, Germany and Holland using variations of his name in each country. In Germany, he was always ‘Johannes Duraeus’.      From 1625-30, Durie served as a diplomat and preached to the merchants and soldiers in Elbing, Prussia, which became Gustav Adolf’s administrative seat in 1626. He started writing on education in 1628…. Full Article

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