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Left-Wing Politics Combat Christianity in Germany

The pastor and his flock      Evangelical pastor Olaf Latzel, born of Roman Catholic parents in 1967, was called to the ministry after his conversion and eventually became pastor of an Evangelical Church in Bremen, north Germany. His small congregation soon began to grow rapidly and has now reached over four hundred worshippers which is quite a record for this district far away from Germany’s traditional ‘Bible Belt’ in the Wuppertal-Siegen area. His flock puts this down to Pastor Latzel’s Bible exegesis and pastoral care and his teaching concerning the missionary responsibilities of all Christians. His members adore him and delight in his gospel preaching. Latzel thus emphasizes itinerant preaching, and organizes group Bible… Full Article

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Moral Anarchy

A lecture given at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford for the Annual Protestant Reformation Society Conference, August 29. 2013   Moral Anarchy A brief evaluation of my task      I received my conference topic for this year rather reluctantly, doubting my credentials for tackling the subject. ‘Moral anarchy’ has become a fashionable, umbrella term to describe why the Western world appears to be turning from God. Like all fashionable jargon, it does not always allow for careful analysis. Indeed, the term, for many, would place man’s entire sinful rebellion against God in one field only and thus hinder us from grasping the real problem. Moral Anarchy is an outcome of the general rot but not its cause. Our conference sub-title thus stresses… Full Article

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