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Harmful Church Patronages

A letter to the Evangelical Times concerning their criticism of the Church of England for abolishing patrons: Dear Sir,      At long last the Anglican Church is doing away with her evil practice of having patrons lord it over churches of which they themselves are often not even members. The ET should rejoice but the ET looks upon this positive move as ´ominous` (Ominous changes in the Church of England, Jan. issue). How can this be?      Patronages, whether enforced by rich individuals, endowments or non-church-based organisations, are the curse of the C of E, often ensuring that churches receive ministers whom they do not want. A well-known example is the fate of John Newton of Olney Hymns fame. Newton was burdened with two… Full Article

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The Development of German Pietism

Sir:      Gary E. Gilley’s ET essays on Pietism and subjective Christianity lack historical and theological objectivity. German Pietism was not rooted in Lutheranism but started in the 1660s in Reformed and formerly Reformed areas along the rivers Ems, Ruhr, Rhine and Lippe in Lower Germany; in Würtenberg and Alsace in Upper Germany and in Reformed Switzerland. The German church-based movement, pioneered by Theodor Undereyk, a Reformed pastor, was influenced by Swiss, Dutch, English, Scottish and North German Reformed teaching. Undereyk’s work spread from the Ruhr district into neighbouring countries, including Belgium whose persecuted Protestants were given asylum in Mülheim. This pietism was grounded in the… Full Article

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