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Chapter Seventeen The Dangers of using Non-Christian Cultural and Religious Terms in Bible Translations

Dear Friends,      Here is a preview of a chapter taken from my almost-finished work on the evangelization of India from Ziegenbalg to Carey. In this work I depart from the Anglo-American custom of using merely writings in the English language for research work and have used sources from some eight European languages and many Indian essays, books and dissertations […]

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William Carey: Using God’s Means to Convert the People of India (Part 2)

Part II: The Mission Prospers The mission at Serampore prospered and spread. Carey was given the most prominent building in the city for the church in which he preached for the next thirty-four years. The town of Serampore, too, prospered as it proved an asylum of peace for fugitives from the Americo-Franco-British wars and it […]

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