Letter to New Focus in reply to a Woman-Hater


Dear Sir,

     The Jewish macho thanks God every day because he is not a woman. His Mohammedan counterpart believes a woman has no soul. Misogynists in Christian churches, not content with being the head over their wives, would place them under their feet and outlaw all Christian women from gospel witness. They believe that Deborah had no right to judge Israel; Proverbs’ ideal wife should not have traded equally with men; Anna was wrong to speak of Christ to “all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem”; the Samaritan women erred in telling her men folk to come and see Jesus; and Priscilla ought to have kept her mouth shut and left all the talking to Aquila. In Church history, mother of eight Birgitta should never have translated the Scriptures, led the nobility to Christ and flooded her country with the gospel. Elizabeth did evil in supporting the Reformation; Anne Bradstreet was mistaken in adorning literature with her words of healing and instruction and Miss Havergal should have reserved her golden tongue and heavenly expressions for the kitchen sink. Modern women writers, it appears, must not criticise the wayward teachings of men but, through their passivity, help to spread them.

     Happily, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is not such a man’s world. Men are out of balance without their God-given helpmeets. Woe to men who mistake their women for footstools and tell them to be seen but not heard! Mr Meade, however, wonders whether we should denounce Gillian Meney for questioning in her review the decorum of a man depicting ‘God’s Politicians’ in a Last Supper scene surrounding Keir Hardie as a type of Christ. Was golden-penned Sonia Hill, who has been a great instrument for good in my life, rejecting her womanhood by complaining that the only weakness apparent in a male author on the American Puritans was that he could have depicted the every day life of the times? Surely not! Mr Mead fears that no woman may comment on any man and that we must recall all our female missionaries, sack all our female teachers, burn books by women read by men and muzzle our wives.

     With the publication of John Meade’s troubled letter, came that lovely first-hand tribute to Rhys Prichard by Miss Hill. Her analysis of Pritchard’s witness was just, truthful and edifying. Her criticisms were not confined to describing her fellow-female Elizabeth I, but she rightly criticised the mess many men made of their lives and country at the time. Surely if Christ uses babes and sucklings to confound the worldly wise, one can hardly be shocked at His using women! Let no man misuse 1 Tim. 2:12 to cover his embarrassment at seeing the fair sex assist others in attaining to righteousness, whilst he abuses his headship and sides against women merely because he is the lesser man.