English Churchman.


     As a German citizen and avowed opponent of Scientology, I must protest against the totally misleading title ‘Scientology gets Respectable Image’ in the equally misleading article on that subject (No. 7721). It gives the impression that Scientology is respected in Germany where measures against the sect are stricter than in most other countries, including Britain and the USA. Neither the Osnabrücker Zeitung, nor Wolfgang Bosbach, nor Angela Merkel nor the Coalition Government view Scientology as respectable but see the movement as most dangerous. However, Bosbach’s words have been translated into ‘High Noon’ jargon and combined with outdated internet information from the middle nineties of last century. The newspaper quoted is a small provincial publication which referred very briefly indeed to Bosbach’s summary of the situation, whereas the major German newspapers such as the WAZ have covered the issue at length and over many weeks. Scientology has lost several court cases in Germany but in recent times has won others through very well-paid legal advisers and lawyers. Thus Bosbach warned that we cannot combat Scientology with head-over-heels tactics as Scientology will use every single loop-hole of the legal system to avoid defeat. Remember, we are talking about an extremely rich and powerful organisation which has world conquest as its aim. Scientology is a warring movement. If Germany failed in its go-it-alone attempt to outlaw Scientology, this science-fiction-orientated army would grow by leaps and bounds. In order to rid Germany of the movement, which is looked on here as a commercial and political enterprise rather than a religion, the government will have to do its homework and plan the campaign expertly. Such plans are already in motion. Furthermore, Scientology is a pan-European problem but up to the present, only France has shown interest in a joint anti-Scientology campaign with Germany. It therefore seems odd to me that criticism of Germany comes from a member-state which appears to be doing far less than us to remove the plague. Historically speaking, Britain has always played a leading role in Europe but today she is rapidly withdrawing all presence there. This is to no one’s benefit.

     Scientology’s picture of Germany is that of a 1984 Orwellian state where all the men wear black leather, monocles, jodhpurs and jack boots and all the ladies wear plaits, dirndls, knee-stockings and are called Lilly Marleen. This is why Germans protest strongly against Tom Cruise of all people taking on the role of von Stauffenberg, a national anti-fascist hero. The government have wisely refused Scientollywood permission to shoot the farcical film in Berlin. May this serve as a sign of Germany’s disrespect for Scientology.