Letter to the Banner of Truth

Dear Christian Friends,

     Though The Banner of Truth Magazine is entitled to consider any matter as ‘an important controversy’ (Issue 378, p. 22), as in all controversies it is important to keep a cool head and avoid unwarranted statements. I must therefore point out that the argument that I denigrate 18th century evangelical contemporaries of William Huntington in all denominations is entirely unwarranted. Anyone who has read my recent articles and books on 18th century evangelicals of all denominations such as Cotton Mather, John Gill, James Hervey, William Romaine, William Cowper,  Risdon Darracot and Philip Doddridge will know how utterly untrue your statement is. I would like to see this error corrected in your magazine at the earliest possible opportunity.

Yours in Christ,

George M. Ella

     (Iain Murray replied personally, denying that the men I mentioned were contemporaries of Huntington as their dates did not exactly (sic) overlap. However, he had got their dates wrong. I corrected his mistakes and sent Mr Murray some 35 names of 18th century ministers from various denominations who supported Huntington and of whom I approved. I requested him to print the names as the BOT readers had been mistakenly misinformed and could now check my facts. Mr Murray refused to do this, preferring to leave BOT readers with the opinion that I denigrated all 18th century men of God. This is how these modern Antinomians denigrate not only godly men and women of the 18th century themselves but also a brother’s reputation.)