J.R. Brogan writes (Aug, 10/17), “There may be other readers who, like Dr. Ella, cannot see why ‘Rev. 18:1-4 cannot be lightly dismissed as irrelevant today’”. Those new to the debate will thus be led to believe that I lightly dismiss this Scriptural exhortation and find it irrelevant to the European problem. Mr. Brogan’s reference was to words that I wrote and meant and had a timely relevancy which I hoped could not be dismissed. I actually said:

     “Why Mr Brogan refers to Rev. 18:1-4, BSE, floods, disasters and the foot and mouth disease in a letter arguing that Britain should cut the ropes which anchor them to Europe is beyond me. The Scripture verse refers to ‘all nations’ and I can assure him that these ‘plagues’ are very much part of pan-European society so we Christian Continentals are one with our British brethren concerning this misery and in looking to God to lead us, not out of Europe but out of these plagues.”

     In other words, rather than dismiss the matter, thinking it irrelevant, I pointed out that this Scripture passage is not only relevant for Britain but also for our pan-European society because each nation is undergoing the same chastisement. Thus the passage must be seen as applying to all Europeans, the British included. Dismissing Scripture as irrelevant is one thing, applying it correctly is another, the latter being the aim of my letter.

     Furthermore, I do not take these verses to mean that we should opt out of our Christian and political commitments and emigrate to our favourite Land o’Leal or Beulah, but that we Europeans should carry out our Christian calling where we are, making sure that our joint nations, indeed the whole earth, as Revelation 18 informs us, shall be lightened with His glory.

George M. Ella, Mülheim