It is a swashbuckling challenge to turn my old frigate’s bows to Captain Clifford’s well-aimed broadside and I was as exhilarated by his action as I was frustrated by his strategy. Was this going to be my Sea of Trouble? I mused. I have pursued Captain Clifford for some years through Amyraldianism’s frothy waters, but have never engaged him until now. I still cannot follow his most evasive strategy in zig-zagging between the shallow Mere of Moïse and the deep Five Calvinian Coves, always expertly trimming his sails to suit the prevailing wind. I fear he could easily scupper me if I had not my Biblical compass and historical charts on board.

     It would appear that the sprightly tar’s present strategy is two-fold. On his port side, contrary to Albion’s ancient mariners, he denies that Daniel 9:24, 1 John 2:2 and Matthew 28:19-20, written squarely in the Statute Book, are compatible with Fleet Governor Stone’s (known as Peter to us) action in throwing out the net and finding only those fish in it which the Lord Admiral pre-selected. On his starboard side he affirms that Petty-Admiral Amyraldus dined solely on Dordrecht maatjesharing (Raw, filleted maiden herrings. ‘Lekker’ as my Dutch First Mate would say.). This all smells a bit fishy to me! Rear-Admiral Davenant would turn in his locker! My counter-strategy is single and comprehensive. Peter’s particular fish are not to be nosed-turned-up at and are to be found world-wide and in every sea and every true mariner loves them and searches them out. However, the report from the bluff that Petty-Admiral Amyraldus docks in Dordrecht’s Kalkhaven is merely a waft of Scotch mist. Does not the Second Head of Dordrecht Doctrine in our Maritime Law Book, Article 8, not only give full licence to Governor Stone’s method but lays down the rule that it is the only way? Yet Captain Cliff maintains that neither the Mariners of Olde England, nor Petty-Admiral Amyraldus accepted this.

    Shiver mi’ timbers! All hands on deck! Avast there, ye sea dogs and board the pelagian lubber’s yawing yawl and keel-haul him for yarn-spinning!

George M. Ella, Helmsman of the good ship Biographia Evangelica

Inhabitant of the open sea. Any other meaning is purely incidental.