Battle for the Church (1517-1644) by David Gay

Disobeying the Golden Rule      I must admit that I turned to David Gay’s new book on the period between “the break with Rome and the rise of the Particular Baptists” with some reserve, knowing that the author has antagonised many by his anti-Trinitarian claim that the Son and the Father had contradictory wills, reflected […]

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Swedish ‘Friskolor’ Praised in the English Churchman

Sir:      As one who was a pupil, student and free school teacher in Sweden for many years, I find Civitas’ overview of the Swedish situation (issue 7743) out-of date, misrepresentative and unrealistic. The 1992 Reform Bill that Civitas mentions was open to abuses without legal control so it was re-reformed in 1994. Subsequent governments […]

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Concerning Commonwealth Persecutions

Sir:      In allaying Mr Relf’s fears regarding my research expressed in his April 5th article, I shall keep to the evidence he provides. Bishop Neill, though no authority on this period, confirms the persecuting nature of the times. The Cromwellian definition of ‘malignants, delinquents and scandalous ministers’ was that they refused to accept the […]

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E. T. Clifford on Doddridge

Sir:      In his recent ET article defending saintly Doddridge against adverse criticism, Dr. Clifford ended by stating, “Even more at odds with the facts, Dr George Ella asserts that Doddridge’s Calvinism was ‘higher’ than Dr John Gill’s!” This is incorrect. My original ET article (Feb. 1995), including Doddridge’s balanced analysis of Calvinism, which I […]

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E C Applying Scripture Relevantly

Sir,      J.R. Brogan writes (Aug, 10/17), “There may be other readers who, like Dr. Ella, cannot see why ‘Rev. 18:1-4 cannot be lightly dismissed as irrelevant today’”. Those new to the debate will thus be led to believe that I lightly dismiss this Scriptural exhortation and find it irrelevant to the European problem. Mr. […]

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B O T Schleiermacher and British Liberalism

Sir:      Iain Murray’s excellent, necessarily selective, overview of evangelicalism’s ups and downs (Issues 455-6) reveals the need of more pan-European study of the growth of Liberalism. Schleiermacher, of Moravian background and heart, was very much influenced by British Latidudinarians from whom he gained his love of Natural Law as opposed to revealed law. British […]

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E C Justification from Eternity

Sir:      Kenneth Harris’ recommendation of Rutherford’s insistence on justification in time contradicts the Anglican Reformers who spoke of a three-fold manifestation of justification i.e. from eternity, in the conscience and at glorification. So, too, Presbyterian Reformers such as Witsius outlined justification in nine stages from eternity into time. Our Reformers accounted the elect just […]

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Queen Elizabeth II’s Role in the Church of England

Queen Elizabeth II’s Role in the Church of England Dear Sir,      Archbishop Rowan warns against self-deception regarding the supreme government of the Church of England, seemingly unaware himself that there are no ecclesiastical, political or constitutional grounds for assuming Elizabeth II to be that church’s Supreme Governor.      At the Elizabethan Settlement, Cox, Sandys, […]

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Defence of High-Calvinistic Evangelism

Exaggerated Claims concerning Andrew Fuller and False Information Regarding ‘High-Calvinists’ Dear Sir,      1795-1835 was a time of widespread revival with Anglican Robert Hawker preaching to thousands, Independent William Huntington equalled his efforts and Baptist William Gadsby founding 45-50 churches filled with new converts. The PBs were not inactive in this time but Mr Cook […]

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On ‘Youing’ God

Dear Sir:      Re Canon Pulford’s timely letter concerning ‘youing’ God . Having being brought up to pray Biblically and as one trained in linguistics, I look upon the modern arbitrary trend in English-speaking countries with great disdain. My past employment brought me into contact with some dozen languages other than English, none of which […]

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