Protestant Reformation Society – The Priority of Preaching

Protestant  Reformation Society Autumn Conference If the trumpet give an uncertain sound … The Priority of Preaching at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford September 1st – 3rd, 2015 Cost: £125.00       Full-time Students: £62.50 Dr. D.A. Scales, General Secretary, Protestant Reformation Society 15 Grange Court, Cambridge, CB3 9BD Email: TUESDAY Arrive TUESDAY afternoon (not before 2.00 p.m., please) 4.00 Tea 4.45 First Session * The Teaching and Practice of Our Lord The Rev. Dr. R.T. Beckwith, M.A., B.D., D.D. (formerly Warden, Latimer House, Oxford; Vice-President of P.R.S.; Chairman of P.R.S. Executive Committee) 6.30 Dinner 7.45 Second Session Apostolic Preaching The Rt. Rev…. Full Article

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Annual Conference of the Protestant Reformation Society – 18th Century Awakening

Dear Brethren and Friends,   May I attract your attention to the Annual Conference of the Protestant Reformation Society to be held at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford from August 26th to 28th this year? Our subject is the 18th Century Awakening which was a period ablaze with the revival of true religion throughout Britain and the European Continent, besides especially North American. After the reaction against Reformed principles in the so-called Century of Crisis leading up to this period, the Good News flourished once more and we remember the heroes of this Great Awakening with the same admiration as we show the fathers of the Reformation. May God grant us more of their kind in the years to come!   George M…. Full Article

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The Book of Common Prayer -its value and benefits

Lecture III: The Watershed: the Restoration of Uniformity My task and my sources      My task is to present an overview of the 17th century lead-up to the Act of Uniformity of 1662. My primary sources besides the Prayer Book are the Calendar of State Papers; the Common’s Journals: the Thurloe Papers; Gardiner’s Constitutional Documents, Cardwell’s History of Prayer Book Conferences, the Hartlib Papers; Byfield’s Assembly Minutes; Walker’s and Shaw’s records; Evelyn’s and Pepys diaries: Burnet’s, Durie’s, Laud’s, Prynne’s and Fuller’s eye-witness accounts and the Bodleian Library’s Special Collections. My secondary research includes Hooker, Strype, Benton, Huntington, Butler, Parker, Blunt, Tatham,… Full Article

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Protestant Reformation Society Conference

REFORMATION SOCIETY AUTUMN CONFERENCE THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER – its value and benefits at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford August 28th-30th 2012 Cost: £120.00 Full-time Students £60.00* *There is a special rate for men training for the ordained ministry of the Church of England Dr. D. A. Scales, General Secretary, Protestant Reformation Society, 15 Grange Court, Cambridge, CB3 9BD PROGRAMME Wycliffe Hall has an excellent position in Oxford. It is situated in the Banbury Road, which leads off St. Giles’ towards north Oxford TUESDAY Arrive TUESDAY afternoon 4.00 Tea 4.45 First Session* Why Liturgy? The Rev. Dr. R. T. Beckwith, M.A., B.D., D.D. (formerly Warden, Latimer House, Oxford; Vice-President of P.R.S.; Chairman of… Full Article

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Welsh Liberal Challenges Luther on Justification

     This year’s Siegwinden Conference (Germany), held from 24th-26th February, experienced a great drop in the standards of teaching which it has come to appreciate over the years. The main speaker, Philip Eveson, a Bible College Principal and reputed to be a Reformed man, proved a wolf in sheep’s clothing and openly declared himself to be a contender against the reformed faith. Radically denying the experimental, new-life-giving work of God in Justification so much emphasised by the New Testament writers and our Reformers, Eveson proclaimed that it was merely a legal, ‘as if’ act with no actual transforming of the sinner into a saint. Using the most inappropriate illustration of North and South Korea to describe… Full Article

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The 2007 Protestant Reformation Conference

The 2007 Protestant Reformation Conference: August 28-30      The PRS met once again at Regents Park College, Oxford for their annual conference. The college is situated centrally in what must be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The staff made all their guests most comfortable and the fellowship was deep and sweet indeed. As usual at such a conference, the conversations which took place quite equalled the lectures in benefit and depth. This year’s topic was ‘Secularism and the Christian Faith: A Study of the Growth of Secularism and its Consequences for the Church and Society’, not the easiest subject for the speakers.      Under the excellent Chairmanship of the Rev. B.G. Felce, the sessions commenced with the Rev…. Full Article

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The Fifteenth Haamstede Conference

     The annual Dutch Haamstede Conference, held in Garderen, which draws some 160 pastors, evangelists and teachers has become a spiritual home for me and a highlight of each year. The conferences I occasionally visit in Scandinavia, Germany, North America and England are edifying and instructive, but there is just nothing to compare with the deep spirituality, warm fellowship, eager optimism and high academic standard found amongst the Dutch brethren. A particular joy this year was to see the large number of young pastors who hold to the doctrines of grace and the evangelistic responsibility placed on their shoulders.      However, the conference started on a sad note with the announcement that Pastor P. den Butter, a true… Full Article

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